Hello, Good Day!

I am so happy to start this new blog. I’m on a journey to a better emotional health and wellness and I made this blog to share the things that I go through and my thoughts and perspective about anything I can think of.

I’m a Christian and I believe that Jesus is the only way to a happy and healthy life. His unconditional love has saved me completely and forever – nothing or no one can change that, not even me.

I’m 30 years old, as of this writing, and I’m taking adulthood one baby step at a time.

I love anime and gaming, sweets and seafood, music and good company! I am madly in love with my boyfriend. I have some family issues I’m dealing with right now, and a lot of issues with myself lol.

I’m still figuring everything else out, but for now that’s enough information about me! I’m looking forward to sharing a part of myself and all my learnings 🥰

See you around and may you have a happy day ahead!

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